Perfect Yarn Ball DIY

Hey there awesome mommies! Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? With the little ones around, I started early this year. Whether you’re in the middle of decorating or no clue where to start, today you will have an idea for your side table or dinning table. This perfect yarn ball diy is simple and looks beautiful.

Here are the things you will need.


Yarn, Balloons, Glue, Fancy Plate

Materials needed while making: wide bowl, mixing stick (anything to mix water & glue), string/fish line to hang them to dry (optional).


First: Blow the balloon to your preferred size. Put a generous amount of glue into the bowl. Add a few drops of water (make sure after stirring it together, the glue is still thick) If you add too much water the glue will not hold well.

Second: Dip the yarn in the bowl (yes it can be a bit messy) Make sure its fully covered with glue. Take the tip of yarn and use your fingers to remove the excess glue (so it doesn’t leak on the balloon as you put it)


Third: Wrap the yarn around the balloon knot and start going around the balloon as shown above. For best results, do not cut yarn into pieces assuming it would be enough. Once you have covered the balloon to your liking, cut the yarn at the end and use your finger to pat it down on the balloon.

Fourth: Hang to dry indoors. ( I tried outdoors and the sun didn’t help the balloon so I had to inflate another balloon which prolonged the process) I used a hanger and had them tied at different heights with fish string.

Fifth: Let dry for 24 to 48 hrs. If you hang them to dry and notice a damped spot of glue, it will prolong the process and possible not come out good. Make sure none of the glue is leaking. (On the other hand, make sure to use enough glue while dipping the yarn to avoid it not hardening)

Last: Pop the balloon with any sharp object and remove any dry glue. And you should have your yarn balls complete!


Here you’ll see how my table turned out! I hope you like this simple and beautiful yarn ball craft. Which you could use any color you like and make for any occasion. (Not just Christmas)

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Till next time ladies!






10 thoughts on “Perfect Yarn Ball DIY

  1. This looks great! I love the colours too (I love Christmas but I don’t particularly like red and green together). Hopefully I will be able to find some time to make this because we are seriously lacking on Christmas decor still!

    1. Glad you like them! I hear you on the colors. I usually stick to red and gold for the holidays. If you get a chance to make them, I would love to see how they turn out! Feel free to share.

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