When is too much too many?

Have you ever thought about when is too much too many when it comes to your baby’s needs? When I was about 6 months pregnant with my first-born Matthew, my mother-in-law and I went nuts buying clothes of all early ages. Just imagine my first baby and her first grandchild. This was HUGE! Before he was born I already had more than enough clothes that would last him till he was almost 2. I’m talking about full head to toe outfits, over 30 different onesies, booties, hats, matching overalls, “my first” Christmas, birthday and so on. It was like Christmas shopping for a new baby. From a bouncer, rocker, 2 play mats, a swing, a playpen and all the other things gifted at my baby shower, we were blessed with the amount of things Matt received.

As he turned two I looked back at all the amount of unworn outfits he still had (and that no longer fit him). I then realized that babies and toddlers don’t need so many clothes. The first year they spend most of the time in onesies at home. And if you are anything like my family we don’t go out very much so just imagine my son going to the supermarket in a new pair of clothes a bunch of times. (I know I have a boring life). But I never really went thru everything in the closet, and that’s why most of his clothes stood unworn. Not to mention the crib sets we received. I changed his bumper and crib sets about 2 times in the first year just to change the look. (more often to wash of course). But overall, I noticed too many things that we barely used that as a first time mom I thought “Oh yeah I need that”.

Now with my second baby (Miranda, 5 months old), I only purchased the necessity. I live in a warm climate island year around so the heat is probably the main factor behind the amount of kid’s laundry I do. Being that my second baby is a girl, I did buy a few accessories that I couldn’t buy for Matt. I’m thankful to have lived with a generous amount of options throughout my boy’s first year, but I do feel we should be a bit more mindful with the things we purchase for them that we might not use as much or at all. I actually recycled some of Matt’s toys to keep for when Miranda is a little older. Blocks, play mats, books and things like that. Not to mention, the amount of new “must haves” gadgets that are out today, making it even harder to determine what you would or wouldn’t need as a first time parent.

If you are unsure, I say discuss it with your partner and ask yourself, if I didn’t have this at home for my baby, how bad would it be? Remember you could always keep the items that are lightly used or in good conditions for your future babies (if you plan to have more that is) or donate to any local nonprofit organizations.

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