Welcome to That Mommy Life!

 Hello and welcome to this little part of my world!

If you love parenting tips or sharing your very own, while doing easy and fun crafts, you’ll feel right at home here. My goal is for this blog to become an encouraging community of moms that share best practice in today’s busy lives, while using your creative side with DIY projects.

With all the blogs out there today, you ask yourself, why should you read this blog? Well that’s true. In fact, many of what I’ve learned while being a mom, has been influenced by what I read on BabyCenter and other sites. My blog is not just going to have parenting tips and easy DIY ideas but also help bring out your creative side. That little (or big) part of you that  wants to create nice crafts or projects, maybe for the kids, a family gathering or simply spruce up your home. I promise it’s easier than you think! You will be making your own projects in no time! How exciting is that! and who knows, you may possibly get the courage to start your own page to share with the world how great you are doing the things you love!

This page is meant for YOU, so feel free to comment and share your thoughts and tips with the rest of us. You liked a post, go ahead and let me know that, you didn’t like a post, I would love your feedback.

Once again, I welcome you to That Mommy Life Blog. I look forward to providing you with insights that will improve your creative mommy life.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to That Mommy Life!

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