Simple Valentine’s Day Inspired Decor

Valentines day is coming up and I always like to add a little love touch to my home.

Although Valentine day inspired, this is great to make for any time year around. Whether you want to change-up a table decor or a hall way, this is inexpensive and beautiful. The best part, it was super easy.

So here’s what you will need.

  • Empty jars,
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint,
  • Letters.

I used 2 jalapeno jars & 1 pepper jar, but you can practically use any you may have. I already had the spray paint from my Sunburst Clock. This one is optional, painters tape to cut out a heart shape for one of the jars. Stickers will do just fine too, if you have any heart-shaped or xoxo’s.

Let’s get started!

To do the red jar, here’s my handsome son and I doing a quick tutorial.


  1. Put the white letters on the jar (as desired)
  2. Pour some paint in the jar
  3. Slowly stir the jar around till paint covers all the inside
  4. Then drain the excess paint.
  5. Let it dry (you can do upside down or not. I recommend leaving it for a few  hours if left upside down.)

I must let you know, this was super fast and easy. You’ll want to do more jars just for fun. I even thought of making these and selling? What do you think?

Any who, here’s the end results. Turns out I used 2 as candle holders and 1 as a flower vase. But it’s functional so you can use them all as vases.

Hope you liked this tutorial, if so check out my baby food jar vase.

Till next time mommies,

4 thoughts on “Simple Valentine’s Day Inspired Decor

  1. Wow! What an amazing blog. Valentine day is the day of love. That day we spend our quality time with our lover which is unforgettable moments of our life. These home decoration ideas will help us to make our valentine day more special. A home with valentine decoration gives us perfect feeling of love. Thanks you so much for sharing this lovely blog.

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