Wooden Clothespins Trivets

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Hey there! I’ve been wanting to do more kitchen crafts and I came across some pretty trivets, so today we are making a few. YEY!

I did two with acrylic paint (hoping not to wet them) and one with spray paint. I used what I already had at home and just purchased the wooden clothespins.

Here’s the things you will need:

You can also use spray paint instead of acrylic and liquid silicone instead of wood glue.

NOTE: I used 46 pins per trivet

If colors is not your thing and you love natural finishes, maybe you will like this one below better. I just glued the pins without painting.

And if you try the spray paint, here’s what you get. ( I only did gold as that is the one I had available)

After making these, here’s a tip for quicker and less messy trivets—use spray paint.

Hope you liked the trivets craft of today and get a chance to make them.

Till next time mommies!

6 thoughts on “Wooden Clothespins Trivets

  1. This is such a creative idea, I love it! If I wasn’t told that those were clothespins, I don’t think I would have know. Thank you so much for sharing! #FanDayFriday link party

  2. These are a lot of fun to make with kids and theraputic for adults. We painted and sealedu them and they make colorful spring flowers on the fence. Also great for a child gift for adult. Super great idea Arlin

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