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If you’ve been following along my recent posts, you may know I’m now over 30 weeks into our last pregnancy.  I recently traveled alone with my 4-year-old Matt and 1-year-old Miranda on an international flight of 4 hours.

I have to admit, I was mentally preparing for the worst flight experience and I prayed the kids would behave.
Mainly because the space was tight, the hours always feels longer (for kids at least)
and these children are used to running around free all day, not being buckled in seated. Not to mention, when one has something, the other one wants it so you can only imagine the chaos.

To top it off Miranda is considered an infant and she was travelling on my lap.
Miranda doesn’t stay on my lap unless she is sleeping… so yea…a big belly and a child that will not stay on your lap. Haha! You can say I was preparing for the worst.

Regardless, there was a part of me that was trying to stay positive and remind myself this will all be over in a few hours.

So today I wanted to share some tips that helped and also share my experience for the mamas that have to travel with little ones and may have no clue what to take with them.

First of all, we all made it alive! 😂
The fact that I was pregnant made it faster thru checkpoint as I was allowed to go in front of the longest line ever. Yey!

Whether you are expecting or not, I can’t stress how important a lightweight stroller is. Pushing Miranda in the stroller was stress free. (this seems like a no brainer, but if you are still wondering, it’s totally worth it-even a $20 one, trust me)

Filling out a slip per individual traveling at customs wasn’t bad because I was prepared with pen and documents at hand. Have a separate pocket or holder for all your traveling documents where it’s easy to retrieve and put back.

Once waiting to board the plane at our gate, Matt wanted to talk to daddy before he got on the plane and so the time went by as hubby kept him chit chatting on the phone while Miranda napped for about 15 minutes or less.

When on the plane, I noticed Miranda was quickly entertained with the TV on the seat.
So there she was touching the screen.
Oh did I mentioned they had Mickey Mouse episodes, Sofia the first and a few more of the shows she likes..woohoo!

Before traveling everyone suggested I don’t let Miranda nap that day so she would fall asleep thru the flight so I did just that.
Guess what! She was wide awake the entire flight.. so it didn’t work for me (although I still think it’s a good idea) But Matt in the other hand did nap for about an hour.

Since Matt is skinny, I was able to put Miranda in between him and I while I fed her.
Snacks! Omg! You need plenty of snacks! Believe it or not she had most of the snacks I packed, and half the complimentary airline sandwich. I was worried Matt would wake up to no snacks. (he’s my picky eater) but he was fine finishing his nuggets and fries we picked up before getting on the plane.

One crucial tip to avoid a desperately crying baby towards the landing part of your trip— give them a bottle of a preferred drink to help their ears pop (especially when your child cannot communicate what bothers them)

Towards the end of our flight I also noticed Miranda was starting to get fuzzy, whether it was lack of sleep or ears bothering her, I fed her water and sang her favorite songs, and this helped right away.

The last part of the trip was the most inconvenienced but not because of the kids, but by the fact that there was no help at the luggage pick up belts. So I did what any parent would do, paid for the wheeled cart at the automated machine, asked Matt to help me pushing Miranda, and picked up my own luggage’s (thank God I only traveled with two)

It was not the best scenario, but I must say, encouraging words can go along way. Matt was pushing Miranda as I pushed the heavy luggage on the cart, and all I kept telling him was how awesome he was doing. ” You’re doing a great job pushing your sister”, “Just a little more to go”,  Wow, you are really strong there just like daddy”

I must have sounded like a weirdo to many around us, but it was a long way to the exit and also my way of keeping him motivated.  I was proud of him and I noticed he was too–he kept telling his grandma how he pushed baby sister all by myself.

So mommies, if there is anything to take away from this experience is, over thinking and worrying doesn’t help. I was expecting hell and I got a decent flight with the two kids. Rather be prepared since you know your child more than anyone else and just remember it’s a few hours long, it will be over before you know it.

So don’t forget to have the following items for your next trip:

  • Lightweight stroller
  • Easy to access document pocket/holder and pen
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Tablet or phone (chargers too)
  • Coloring book to go
  • Comfort teddy/blanket/toy

And as always it never hurts to have change of clothes and their bottle (if they still use)

Sing her favorite songs.. (believe it or not, there are many parents traveling on the same plane, you will not sound like a weirdo)

Make sure to give them something to drink if they get whiny while landing in case their ears experience possible discomfort.

Hope these tips were useful and if you are traveling in the upcoming near future, have a safe and stress-free flight!

Till next time mommies,



16 thoughts on “Tips for traveling with little ones

  1. I love the idea of taking our kids on trips, and I love actually doing it, but packing… Ugh!! They need so much stuff, especially when they are babies and toddlers!! Mine are 5 and up, now, and packing has finally gotten easier. Great Post!

  2. Great advice, we are travelling with our 13-month-old in May. I’m so nervous, as like your daughter she will not sit still and dislikes being on our laps. Thanks for the tips, hoping they help my LO.

  3. Awww…I love how your son pushed his baby sister in the stroller! I’m sure he felt all grown up and happy to help you out. Great tips that actually do work. I travelled all the time by plane or train with my daughter and being prepared made the trip much more manageable.

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