Top 5 things every Child should Hear

As parents, we’d like to believe we are doing a good job (or at least trying to) while raising our kids. We are there for our little ones when they need us, correcting them when they do something wrong etc… Among those things we also need to assure we are encouraging them positively as well. Here are my 5 things every child should hear that’s extremely important.

GREAT JOB1. You did a good job! When your child has done a good job at something like completing an assigned chore or task, make sure you acknowledge it. Saying something as simple as Good Job! can make a big difference. Your child learns that doing things and doing them well gets recognition which can lead to more positive things. (not just scold them when they do something wrong)



2. Thank you for listening/obeying. We all wish our kids listened from the very 1st time we speak to them about anything. (wouldn’t that be nice?) But we all know it takes some effort from both ends. When you ask your child anything and they listen or obey right off the bat, thank them for it. Why? because they will notice you appreciate their good acts. This goes for teaching them good manners as well.

PROUD OF YOU3. I’m so proud of you! We have all come across a time when our child has had a difficult time learning something. Whether its school related or learning a new skill. Whether it’s potty training or riding a bike. These things take time to grasp, therefore if they attempt to do it, let them know you are proud of them. Even If they may not succeed the first time, this will encourage them to keep trying. It’s a start and they should be aware that we are there for them and have their back.

 YOU ARE AWESOME4. You are awesome! I use this one a lot and my first-born learned this while he was very little. This kind of goes along with #1. But since you are complimenting them directly, it boosts their confidence. My son has come to a point where he himself says, “I’m awesome!” after completing a hard level of his favorite game or his long homework. That shows me he knows he can do it and this can help him build that confidence every child needs as they’re growing up.

SORRY5. I’m sorry. To me this one is the most important. Why? because we are all humans. We are bound to make mistakes. Whether it’s something minor or something really serious. When my son hears me saying “I’m sorry”, whether it’s to my husband, him or anyone, he sees mommy saying a word that he knows means I made a mistake or did something I wasn’t suppose to. He sees that I was upfront about it by not pointing fingers or trying to hide the mistake. Just remember, kids are sponges. They will learn and copy things from us all the time.

These are just a few of so many positive encouragement we should be using. I’m sure you have your own great ones, feel free to comment them below. I’d love to hear them!

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