5 Tips to keep your sanity as a do-it-all Mom


As a mom, we often find ourselves doing for others and assuring everything runs smoothly when it comes to our loved ones and our home.

As a stay at home mom, you can easily get overwhelmed and stressed if there isn’t some sort of balance.

But before we dive into these awesome tips, let’s have a moment of silent for those days when it was just about you. Do you remember when it was just you? or just you and hubby? ahhh.. the “good” old days.. I remember being selfish with my time. I was all about late nights, shopping, nails, hair, waking up late, where meals were often sandwiches or Chinese food.  Whatever I did or didn’t do was perfectly okay because no one relied on me to survive.

Now? hahahaha I simply look back and laugh at all the things I took for granted. But this is not what this post is about so let’s move on. With that being said, lets talk about the top 5 tips to keep your sanity as a do-it-all mom.

1. Create to do lists: It has been proven that writing your tasks down not only keeps you organized but also reduces stress. When trying to remember your tasks without writing it down, you can easily become overwhelmed and discouraged. Make sure to cross each task off when completed.

2. What can I delegate? Sometimes we want to be super mom or we just say “I rather do it myself, I know how to do it better and can finish it faster” This is where we need to take a step back. Delegating tasks to family members creates team work, and helps develop responsible adults. So let your child clean his own room or pick up his toys.

3. Stop trying to be Mrs. Perfect! The house is not going to fall apart if you forget to tidy the kids play area. The kids will be okay eating a microwaved meal once in a while. We know you want to create good habits in your home, but don’t kill yourself if it’s not all done at times. Breathe and remember your home  doesn’t need to be perfect. Your kids will not remember the perfectly cleaned house or that they ate can food when mom didn’t have time to bake.

4. Shop online- If you still take your entourage to the mall to buy a pair of shoes, it’s time to change that. In today’s world, online shopping has become so easy and convenient–there is no reason to have to drag your whole family (who most likely doesn’t want to be there anyways) to shop. This is just a matter of ordering whatever you need ahead of time and you will be so glad you did. (the kids too)

5. Simply say NO. Your kids don’t need all those extra curricular activities. They will turn out just fine, trust me. In today’s world we want to keep our kids busy with so much activities that we don’t even stop to think do they even like soccer? or whatever they get signed up for. Yes it’s great to keep kids active but you are just 1 person. Who sometimes needs to learn to simply say NO. If you know you will have a hectic week ahead, try to put off the least important tasks or errands to avoid getting overwhelmed. (If you can’t say no, try #2)

Doing these can help your day run a little smoother and maybe you can make some time for just you again. Hey– I said maybe.

Till next time mommies.


6 thoughts on “5 Tips to keep your sanity as a do-it-all Mom

  1. I can completely relate to the “time you took for granted”. My husband and I were just saying that couples who don’t have kids don’t even realize how much free time they have. Even when you think you are busy there is nothing to prepare you for the lack of downtime or uninterrupted solitude that will elude you once kids arrive.

  2. Thank you Arlin for these tips. My favorite is writing down a list. …and not over scheduling. Your Bonus Top is the online shopping that’s a Total Win for families today ❤

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