15 Reasons to THANK the Men in our lives.


would like to take a moment to say Thank You and acknowledge ALL husbands and fathers,

who regardless of what life throws at them, don’t give up and always support their families.

Thank you for still loving us after all these years.

thanks for being there when we needed you the most.

 for that morning cuddle you want.

 for that kiss goodbye you give.

 for the little things you do that you think goes unnoticed.

 for caring.

 for working long hours for us to afford what we have.

 for all your handy work around the house.

 for supporting us on our ideas and goals.

 for being considerate.

 for correcting our kids when they do something wrong.

 for your patience when we are hard to deal with.

 for still finding us attractive after having kids.

 for not judging us.

 for putting us first.

Sometimes we take the men in our lives for granted. Thinking they will always be around.

Let’s take better care of them and most importantly thank them for being the partner we love and the role model our children need.

Feel free to share this with your significant other to show your appreciation.

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