Super Easy DIY Ornaments

Woohoo! My favorite holiday is around the corner.. and you know what that means?

No I’m guessing you don’t. Well it means Christmas tree decorating!! Loud bells and whistles please.

I’m just a little too excited but anywho today we will be learning how to make your very own Christmas DIY ornaments! I’m calling it SUPER EASY DIY ORNAMENTS because….even a caveman can do it..

Since this year I wanted a different look from the traditional red and gold, we decided to go with a silver & white snow theme Christmas tree.

QUICK SAVINGS TIP! If you have Xmas balls or ornaments from a previous year and it just doesn’t match, simply spray paint it the color of your new theme. For example, I used the gold and red balls and few ornaments from last year and spray painted chrome and white to go with the new theme. You’re welcome!😊

Are you ready to make your OWN Christmas tree ornaments? Lets get started.

You will need:


Here is the video tutorial on how to makes these.

And as simple as that you have these beautiful, inexpensive ornaments you will love.

Hope these were inspirational to make your own according to your Christmas theme this year.

Here’s how our tree turned out.

Thanks for stopping by and before you go check out how to make a 3D paper snowflake.

Till next time,

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