Refreshing Sangria for any occasion

If you are anything like me, I never say no to a nice cold drink. Especially in these hot days! Living in the Caribbean- any day is a day for a smooth refreshment.  So today’s cocktail recipe is one I learned from my friend Karina which is a delicious and refreshing Sangria for any occasion.

I’m lucky to get fresh and inexpensive fruits year around which is what I got for this cocktail. But you can use can fruits as well. Here’s what you need.

Some people like to add sugar and a cinnamon stick, that’s optional.


  1. Cut the fruits in small cubes (or as preferred) and pour into large jar.
  2. Add wine, orange juice, sprite white rum to taste.
  3. Mix in well, add ice and refrigerate for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

And you have yourself a refreshing drink!

Hope you get to try this cocktail and remember, any day is a good day for a delicious Sangria! Cheers!

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