Awesome 3D Paper Snowflake

Guess who loves Christmas DIYs? I think it’s a known fact already. Hehe! So today we will be making an Awesome 3D Paper Snowflake DIY. It’s perfect for hanging in the office or anywhere you need a Christmas touch.

Just choose the color of your choice and let’s get crafting! Here is what we will be using to make this snowflake:


Here are the steps which I will write out below as well.


STEP 1: Cut the 6 papers the size you’d like to use for your snowflake. If you are unsure, the red one above was size 6×6.

STEP 2: Place the paper on a flat surface and place so it’s a square. Fold the bottom left corner to the top right corner to make a triangle.

STEP 3: Fold the bottom right corner to the top left to make a smaller triangle pointing down.

STEP 4: Turn your triangle to vertical position where the opening side is facing up/right.

STEP 5: Cut 3 vertical lines leaving about 1 to 1 1/2 cm at the top. You can cut more lines if your paper size is bigger.

STEP 6: Open the paper and assure you have what looks like picture # 6 above.

STEP 7: Fold the smallest layer and use glue to paste it together. If necessary, hold it together for a few minutes. If you are using regular Elmers glue, you might want to use a paperclip to hold it together. Or a stapler if you don’t mind the staples showing. I have not tried a hot glue gun.

STEP 8: Fold the next layer the opposite way and glue together. Do this till you have all 4 layers glued together.

STEP 9: You have finished the first piece of the 6 part snowflake! YEY! Go ahead and repeat these steps with all the rest of the construction papers.

Now you should have 6 completed sides. Use your stapler to staple 3 pieces together as shown below. Then the other 3 as well.


Place them together and staple both sides. You should have what looks like this. To ensure it holds and stays together you can staple each side together.



Hope you love how your snowflake turns out and feel free to share those pictures in my facebook page, which if you are not following yet, shame on you!

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