Best Homemade Nachos you’ll ever make

Today’s recipe is for those who don’t mind the extra lbs this holiday season or ever! My personal favorite recipe in a long time, the best homemade NACHOS you’ll ever make!

And before we get started, keep in mind this recipe is intended to be super flexible. If there is one ingredient you like best by all means use more of it.  Also feel free to add extras, like jalapeño or even bacon bits.

Let’s get to it.

Your choice of the meat, some might like ground turkey, I like ground beef. Cook it as you would normally cook for tacos or your favorite ground meat recipe.

Cut the tomato,  green pepper, avocado and onion  into small cubes and set aside.

Now let’s turn that block of cheddar into what I like to call deliciousness. This will take about 5 to 10 minutes but don’t worry its totally worth it.

Here’s the fun part.. you can either put the nachos in a bowl or platter and add the meat + all the ingredients on top or you can have the nachos on the side to dip in the bowl.

After making it all in a bowl I realized that half way thru eating, the nachos were getting soft. So here’s a tip! Put the cooked meat in your bowl FIRST, sprinkling in the diced tomato, onion, avocado and pepper. Then drizzle the hot melted cheese around and last add scoops of sour cream to the top. Now you can grab your bag of nachos and dip away!

There you have it! Super delicious and homemade!

Thanks for coming by and hope you get to love this recipe as much as I do. You may also like Chicken Fajitas in less than 15 minutes.

Till next time,

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