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Hello beautiful Mommies! Who is ready for the holidays? I am! Thanksgiving is coming up and let’s not forget Christmas, My favorite holiday! Aside from the Christmas carols that always seem to cheer me up, you have grandma’s delicious recipes. And who can forget the dancing that happens all thru the night, with the help of some mojitos of course. (this mainly happened before kids, but we can’t lose the tradition, hehehe) It’s also a time when family come together to celebrate. The little ones get to play with their cousins, while the adults catch up and mingle. It’s just an amazing time!

While you do your planning of all the details for the holidays, I wanted to make some fun and educational worksheets for the kids. These can be printed for the whole group that will be together that day. Keep the kids busy while they learn. I think it’s a win win situation! Don’t you think?

NOTE: You will need a scissor, crayons, glue and pencil.

I hope your little ones enjoy completing these as much as I enjoyed making them.

Check some pages out below!

















Just click the link to download & print! Christmas Printables for Kids

Remember this time of year can get chaotic with all the decor, schedules and meal planning. Nevertheless, the kids will remember those little things you do every year that becomes tradition. Don’t forget to make it memorable!

Till next time ladies.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Printables

  1. I love these! I like that these are great for several different ages, not just one. I’ll definitely be printing these out for our family get-together with kids from 3-11!

    1. Awww! How old are they? I have a 4 yr old and almost 1 yr old now. Sounds good, i’ll be making more printables in the future so feel free visit anytime.

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