Fancy Plastic Spoon Mirror

Hello beautiful creatives!

I must admit I will miss crafting when baby M arrives this June, but I’m pretty excited to hold a new little bundle of joy for a last time (this mommy is closing shop cuz hey– three is enough).

But anyways, today is all about fancy, decorative, creativity and inexpensive crafting!

You will love this mirror for your space, whether it’s for the hallway, family photo wall or a bathroom. Here is what you’ll need.

  • 5 packs of white plastic spoons (25 spoons in each pack)
  • cardboard or pizza box carton
  • small/medium mirror
  • spray paint of your color choice
  • hot glue gun & scissor

Are you ready for this super fancy craft? Let’s get started.

Once you’ve spray painted, let dry. I gave it two coats of paint. It dries pretty quick -here it shows already dry above.

NEXT– I hot glued the mirror on to the top of the edges on the spoon and this is how it looked. (below)

This was my first one and I tried hanging it on my wall. I wasn’t crazy about it so i added another coat of spray paint. It was better as it got much more shiny, but gold was not my favorite color so I decided to change it to silver. Check it out..

What you think? I ended up adding these little pearls my friend gave me with the glue gun around the mirror. (It’s a little hard to see, also the light makes the first row of spoons look different)

I loved this craft so much my friend asked me to make 2 for her but with bigger mirrors and here’s how they looked. (these pictures are on my wall just for presentation)

 The best part about these is you could use spray paint or you can buy the spoons already the color you’d like and have perfect mirrors.

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