Toilet Paper Roll Decor

If anyone asked you to save toilet paper rolls, you’d probably ask why would I want to do that? Right? Well after today you might want to hold on to them. Here’s how to make this cool toilet paper roll craft to add some style to your dull living space. Okay, so maybe your living space is awesome already but you don’t want to miss this DIY toilet paper roll decor.

As you may already know, I’m all about low-budget when it comes to my projects. The less I spend the better! You can see the items used below which I already had at home with the exception of the $5 spray paint can.



So now to the FUN part! WOOHOO!

step 1step 2

step 3     step 4

step 5     step 6

After gluing all ends and pinning it, assure the rolls are dry by letting it sit overnight. Then remove pins. And now here is my favorite part. SPRAY PAINTING!

Sprayed rolls

  And TADA!

WALL ART 1I did two identical crafts seen here about 9 months ago and it still looks great!

Not only can you do this for an accent wall like I did, you can also use your favorite color to add some pizzazz to a plain wall. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who think this is a store-bought decor and are amazed when told what it’s made of.

So go ahead & dazzle your family and friends with this awesome DIY project.

Like always, I would love to see some of your creations so feel free to share.

Thanks for stopping by & till next time creative mommies.

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