Sunburst Clock You’ll Love!

Hey Mommies! Thanks for coming by! Today’s DIY was inspired by the commonly known sunburst mirrors which are gorgeous and some very expensive. Since I have enough mirrors at home, I noticed my kitchen clock was boring and was perfect for a DIY sunburst clock idea! So, why not?

I would’ve loved to make a video while doing this one, but it was going to be time-consuming (& with a 10 month old and 4 yr old-time is limited) so picture tutorial it is!
I hope you enjoy making this one! & If you like the mirror idea better, go ahead and give it a try!

Note: If you are using a mirror you are most likely not going to need a cardboard so you start at step #5.


Things you will need:

Clock (already had)

Spray Paint ($5)

Pizza box carton

Bamboo Skewers ($2)

Hot Glue Gun



Note: the size of your clock or mirror will determine how many packs of skewers you will need. In my case, I only needed 1 because the clock was small.

So let’s get started!

1. Trace the clock on the carton using your pencil.

diy sunburst clock2. Cut out your circle.

cut3. Cut a space inside the carton in order to allow replacing of the battery & hooking.


4. Hot glue the cardboard to the clock.


5. Start gluing the sticks. Make sure you arrange them at different heights to get the sunburst effect.


Once you have completed the entire circle, if you notice any that looks off don’t hesitate on removing it and correcting it. ( I did this a few times)

Now you should have something like this:


And the fun part starts: SPRAY PAINTING!! (My favorite)
I put an old t-shirt underneath as I didn’t have newspaper handy.


Now for the final look. Are you ready? TADA!!


diy sunburst

I hope you liked this DIY as much as I did! If you liked this DIY, check out this DIY Toilet Paper Roll decor.

And before you go, here is one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein. “Creativity is contagious, pass it on!”

Till next time ladies..





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