Simple and Meaningful Gift Idea


I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved those types of gifts that are simple and meaningful. Whether it’s a group picture of my favorite people in a cute frame or a DVD filled with family photos of all 2015 get-togethers. Having those personalized touches just makes it extra special.

If you have a family member whose birthday is close to Christmas, you can probably relate when it comes to gifting. My hubby’s birthday is Dec 21st, and since Matthew was born we try to gift him for both, birthday and Christmas. A few years back, I took a picture of them both in December, a really cute picture. (and if your kids are anything like mine, its hard to get a really good picture because of the constant silly face making) and so this was one of his gifts.

So using this picture in a DIY gift was totally worth it. Yes, I’m that kind of person who rather make something than go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a gift. I think this was one of the simplest gift I’ve made. It’s so simple I don’t think I can use the word create in this context, laugh out loud!

So here it goes:

  • used Microsoft Power point to insert “Daddy and Me” on the pic
  • printed the picture 8 x 10 (or any size you’d like)
  • bought an inexpensive picture frame from IKEA

TADA! This is how it turned out. I wrapped it in a nice paper put a bow on it and there it was. Simple and meaningful. This gift was not only easy to make, but I enjoyed making it as well.

Daddy and me

Keep in mind, this can make a great gift for Father’s Day or for any family member. If you’d like, you can also spice it up with a really fancy frame instead of a simple one like I used. So next time you are not sure what to get for them, try something like this. I’m sure they will like it.

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Till next time creative mommies..

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