Beautiful Canvas Gift Idea

Did you ever wanted to bring a unique gift to a friends baby shower, birthday party or a beautiful gift just because? I know I did! There is no better gift than one hand-made with lots of love. That’s why today you will learn how to make a special gift using a canvas created by the one and only YOU! But first let me tell you what inspired me to make this beautiful creation.

My good friend is pregnant with her first baby and its a boy! She is thrilled and I couldn’t be happier for her. She is the type of friend who loves children & doesn’t mind babysitting at any given time if she is available. Now with her own baby on the way, I wanted to make a special gift that I know she will love. (Aside from gifts from a registry list)

Okay– so now to the fun part!


You will need:

  1. Different size & color buttons
  2. A ribbon pattern of your choice
  3. Plain canvas (preferred size)
  4. Hot glue gun

I was initially going for 1 letter but I couldn’t find a smaller size canvas (Oh how I miss Michaels lol) so I decided 2 letters it is!

I first lined the buttons on the canvas without the glue to get an idea of how I wanted it arranged then put a dab of glue on each button and glued it one by one. It took me about 2 hours to complete both letters. Since the hot glue gun works great on the canvas there was no need to let it sit overnight.

Once the buttons were on, I cut the edges of the ribbons at a 45 degree angle so the ends would fit perfectly then hot glued it as well.

I added the same ribbon to the borders around the canvas to make it pop and this made a big difference.

At this point I was happy with the results but I felt it didn’t look baby enough…so I added some plastic baby safety pins and a bow with a small ceramic ornament to it. I’m sorry that I didn’t take a side view picture to show the sides ;(

But…. TADA!

Completed Canvas (3)

I’m so excited to give baby FZ his gifts and I can’t wait for my friend to see what I made for him.

This is something you can do for any occasion. Whether it’s part of a baby shower, birthday, graduation, anniversary gift, or just because. This would be awesome for the kid’s room too.

And there you have it. An AWESOME gift made entirely by YOU! Thank you for coming by and I hope you get a chance to make our own beautiful canvas.

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Till next time ladies!


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