Adorable Jar Vase Craft

Today you will learn a crafty way to use a baby food jar to make a vase that will add a nice little touch to those small spaces around the house or office. This will be the easiest and most adorable DIY jar vase craft you will ever make.

You will need the following items (which you may already have around the house)

DIY jar vase craft 3

  • Any empty jar (Mason, baby food, candle jar just to name a few)
  • Acrylic paint (I used a small bottle that cost me $1.50)
  • A ribbon (length will depend on the size jar you use)
  • Your favorite artificial flower
  • Hot glue gun


number 1Put a little bit of paint in the jar, rotate the jar till it’s fully covered with the color. Then leave it upside down to dry for about an hour. (depends on the size jar you use)


number 2Fold the ribbon in half and glue it together. When the vase dries, hot glue the ribbon around the top of the jar.


number 3Use the hot glue gun to glue the 3 small artificial flowers together and insert it in the jar.



DIY-adorable-jar-vase-craft.....I used this craft for my side table which as you can see is small. The vase fits perfect, not too big or too small for that space. I was looking for a color that pops and I love how it turned out. Just perfect!

DIY jar vase craft (2)

This is definitely an easy project for you to do on your spare time even when you don’t have much of it. You can also vary the size of the jar depending on your space. Whatever you do, have fun with your creations! Also, feel free to comment and share your own jar vase craft.

Till next time creative mommies…

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