Dear Single Mom of Two

In life we are given choices and opportunities which some leads us to tough decisions and even a tough life.

Today I wanted to write a little something for the single mothers working their butts off to raise their kids alone in this journey we call life.

Coming from a family where separation or divorce was a curse word, I personally don’t know what it’s like to handle parenthood alone. But I do know a few mothers and this is for them.

A child is a blessing and at times we are not ready for the responsibility, whether it’s because we are young, busy pursuing a career in college, or simply are not stable to handle what it brings.

In your early twenties you had your first child on your own. You’ve struggled since because you weren’t financially ready or stable yourself. You manage to work day and night to raise a little innocent child. You learn who is your true “friends and family” right away.

All the bills, college, responsibilities, and sleepless nights catch up to you. You drop into a depression. No one truly knows because you keep yourself away and for your child you pray day and night. Time passes and it seems to heal you.

Another child comes into your life and this time things are looking brighter. Shortly after you learn you were wrong. The single mother life hits you again. Dejavu. Not again.
This time you’re hurt but you’re stronger.

You land a great job. You move to a better place for the sake of the kids. You are surviving, again, on your own.

Today I look at you and all I can do is admire what has become of that woman whose cards may have not been the best. Whose past relationships have failed her but somehow still manage to move forward.

I still remember when I stood by your place visiting. Your daily routine, from bright and early, while you wish you could just stay in bed and rest for a change, it wasn’t possible. Baby girl had to be in school, baby boy had to get dropped off at daycare for you to be on time for work. No one around to give you a hand. Just you and yourself. Rushing after work to pick up your daughter then off to pick up the little one. But your day is not even close to over.

Arrive to your home crossing your fingers you find a parking spot near. To go up 4 flights of stairs with baby’s’ stroller, plus groceries. All alone. Most of the times having to go up 2 trips because it was too much. Alone.

Make dinner, make sure homework is done, shower and off to bed. And that was everyday.

I ask myself how does a single mother get energy for the weekend to take the kids out to the park, for a walk or the mall? And there she was, making memories with the little ones by herself. Taking pictures and always smiling. No one truly knows the struggles you’ve been thru, and yet you continue moving forward.

I  just want to say- God has blessed those kids with a fighter as a mother. A real trooper. One that I don’t think I could ever match up to. This makes me so proud of you!

And today, I want you to know that.

Yours truly,


10 thoughts on “Dear Single Mom of Two

  1. God bless all the single mothers out there. Once upon a time I was a single mom to two girls. I later married, but I haven’t forgotten what it was like to do it alone.

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