Are you an Addict?

Oh wait, No, I’m not referring to drugs. I’m talking about the small device you carry around all day. Have you ever notice the amount of time you spend on your phone? Whether is checking emails or just scrolling thru social media. Are you one to get up and the first thing you reach to pick up is your phone? While using the bathroom.. are you really taking 30 minutes in there.. most of the time not. But it’s addictive.  Being a phone addict is real my friend. You’re on Facebook and want to see whats happening with your family and friends? sure a few minutes turn to almost an hour..or a few new emails that needs responding. It happens.

Unfortunately too often for some mommies. I’m guilty as charged. So that is why this year I’ve decided I will put down my phone more often and be present. I came to this decision after this happened.

It was a normal Saturday, my 1 yr old was napping so I joined hubby and Matthew ( my 4 yr old) who was playing Minecraft in his room. I got comfortable in the bed next to hubby while Matt was at the edge of the bed into his game. Not 5 minutes go by and hubby and i are staring into our phones while Matt was talking. He was trying to get us to look his characters’ new gear and how cool it was.

He was super static about it, “Mom” “Dad”.. Mom look..Dad look..” It was probably less than a minute..but I’m sure it felt like eternity to him. I finally looked up at him and his face immediately made me realize we were there but not there. He had a disappointed look, a ‘you let me down’ type of face. I felt horrible about it. It hit me that he needs my attention, our attention. Even though he’s playing a game, I need to be more involved,  more present.

I apologized and put my phone down immediately. (I was just looking thru Pinterest anyways, which I could do any other time)

So I did the following, the next day I barely even looked at my phone. I must’ve briefly checked it like 4 times the entire day.. and if you are anything like me, that’s not much ( compared to how I carry it with me everywhere, literally everywhere ) And you know what.. it felt great! The kids felt great.  We played more than ever and I quickly realized, the kids will find fun ways to play and things to do or learn, it’s I who am too glued to my phone to notice or even engage with them for more than 2 minutes. Shame on me!

We are so carried away by the little screen and the way it helps us multitasking that we forget all about spending quality time with those around us that truly matter.

So today I encourage you to give less importance to social media and be more present for your family. It doesn’t have to be a New Year resolution, heck, we should just know better.

And to help you keep the phone down, here are 2 things you can do that has worked for me.

1. Unless you are expecting an important call or message, keep your phone in a different room from where you are or will be.  Especially when you are spending time with family members or friends. This will keep away any temptation to glance at it constantly. Not to mention your family will appreciate your devoted attention.

2. Take 5 minutes (no more than 10) to check your phone 2 to 3 times a day (less if possible). Whether its morning and evening or morning, noon and night. This can help cut down the useless time spent scrolling and give you time of day for productive work around the house.

Hope this was useful in one way or another and although it may be tough at first, don’t give up! I know you can do it!

Also, check out what to do when your child does not want to cooperate.

Till next time beautiful mommies,

20 thoughts on “Are you an Addict?

  1. YES! This is one of my goals for the new year. I hate how connected I’ve have become to my phone. I survived for so many years without a smart phone, but now I feel like I have to have it all the time. It’s such a good tool, but it also has the tendency to rob me of time with my family and become a big time waster. Thanks for this.

  2. I got way too into my phone these past few months too. I removed FB and my emails from mine – kind of radical I know, lol, but it means I’m much more connected to what’s happening in front of me. Once I’ve “kicked the habit” I’ll add them back and see if I can still stay “clean”!

  3. I use my phone for business so it’s not always easy to put it in another room. BUT I have used it less since not having a data allowance as part of my contract. I don’t use it when out of the house, unless desperately and can connect to WiFi. We have no-phone rules in the house, including none at the dining table.

  4. This is such a great goal! Being present is hard to do when you are constantly checking your phone. I am trying my hardest this year to follow this goal and only check my phone a few times a day for a set amount of time. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is definitely something I’m guilty of and I need to do better. I like the simple tips you gave and I need to put them into practice.

  6. Oh man! What a wake-up call that must have been. I wish we all had your same response! This is SUCH a great goal, and I applaud you for recognizing this issue and striving to do something about it. I get so frustrated with myself when I realize how much I miss around me- my husband talking, the birds singing outside, a pretty view- because I’m mindlessly focused on scrolling Instragram or checking my email for the 15th time. You’ve shared some practical tips for avoiding this that I’m going to try. Just the other day, I was even toying with the idea of ditching my iPhone and replacing it with a “dumb phone” to remove these distractions. The only reason we NEED cell phones are truly for emergency phone calls/texts, right? IDK. I’m seriously considering looking into it. What do you think about this?

    1. Thank you Jennifer. to be honest, it sucks to say this but i always imagine to be the mother that will make time with the kids, to simply stop and smell the flowers, admire the beauty of nature and simply be present. I can’t say I would be up for changing my current phone for an older one. A lot of people nowadays use it for business and it would be difficult for them. But if you wouldn’t be loosing anything or making your life more complicated per say, I’d say more power to you. It’s all a matter of will power. Controlling the bad habit and not letting it take over. Whatever you decide, best of luck! And may our time be more productive and family friendly. Thanks for coming by 🙂
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