4 Books your Child will Love

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When it comes to learning through reading at a small age, kids can be either super excited  or just not that interested.  Out of all the books I’ve gotten Matt over the years, I’ve noticed these four to stand out to him. And I mean like “let’s read it again” and again type books. These have been his favorite at one point throughout the last 2 years.

So whether you have a 2, 3 or 4-year-old, I wanted to share these because just like my four-year old loves these, your kids could too.

1. Funky Farm by Jiggle Glow Eyes – what stands out about this book is the big jiggly eyes you see on the animals as you read about them on each page.

It’s a 6 page animal book that teaches the noise they make and a  little bit about each. Although it has a warning label “not suitable for kids under 3”, I would say it’s your call on this. I feel it’s a hardcover book so it’s extremely hard to get the jiggly eyes out.

2. Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle – This book is wonderful, teaching the value of being friendly and how it can help you along the way.

Matt loved this book so much he used to know what was coming up on the next page. He really enjoyed listening to the story while I changed my voice with each character, making it fun for him.

3. Big Enough for a Bed by Sesame Street – When my baby girl was born I wanted to get Matt to move to his own bed but I also wanted him to be proud not sad about leaving our room.

I found this awesome book of Elmo online, right after he had gone to a Sesame Street Elmo live event with his cousins in New York. So I knew this was perfect timing. He liked it so much and even though he didn’t adapt to his bedroom right away, he understood that he was getting older and it was just a matter of time.

4. The way I feel by Janan Cain – this book talks about different feelings we have and how they are all a part of us.

This 8 page book is awesome for the little ones who are learning about feelings in our everyday world. Also filled with vivid illustrations.

While there are tons of awesome books out there, I want to encourage you to read to your little ones. Not only can reading help open up a world of imagination but also help you bond with your child.

Hope you liked these recommendations and feel free to grab them on amazon, just click on the picture of the book.

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  1. These are great picks! I wish I had that Elmo book when I was transitioning my son to his big boy bed. I’ll definitely pick it up for my girl though!

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