5 Quick Tips to get Him to help around the House


I recently came across a few mommies who were struggling with getting help from their significant other at home.

While I can’t relate 100% with this common issue, I do have some tips that can help. I don’t mean to brag but If you know my husband, you will know  he gets things done without me asking and I love that! Heck, he is the type to make me look like a slacker sometimes.

But anywho, let’s get to it!

5 Quick Tips to get Him to Help around the House

I’m a big believer that thru communication anything is possible. Be clear and honest about what you need help with. Keep in mind you are speaking with your significant other not a maid or your employee. Also, suggesting tasks instead of telling may work better for some partners. Avoid complaining because quite frankly no one likes to hear it and it doesn’t get you anywhere.

Imagine coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes when you had left it spotless in the morning. WTF is this? would probably be your reaction. When it comes to chores, no one likes surprises– because they are no fun. Planning ahead and communication go hand in hand. Make a list of what needs to get done so that your significant other doesn’t feel surprised by the tasks.

Let him choose from the to do list. That sounds easy right? Many partners will not go for anything that takes long or requires multitasking. It’s a known fact. Letting them choose gives them options and isn’t demanding.

Don’t expect him to change overnight. If your partner has been the type to not help around the house all his life, it will be tough changing that after being married or living with you. If he understands the responsibilities and the amount of work load you have, he will at least try to help you, I mean that’s what any loving partner would do. Just be patient.

A lot of times we want our partner to do things and when done, it may not be the way we wanted them to do it. This is where we go straight to criticize the negatives without looking at the fact that there was an effort. He is doing something he normally wouldn’t. So whatever you do, be ready to acknowledge the tiniest effort and this can help encourage him to possibly do more things he’s not accustomed to doing.

On another note, this is where I sit and think… as parents do we want to raise our boys and girls to be that partner who doesn’t help around the house? It takes a lot of discipline and consistency to raise independent and responsible adults. (like parenting isn’t hard enough)

At the end of the day remember that your partner is who he is and you chose to love him that way. Trying these tips can be a start and with some time and patient, you should  have a helping partner.

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4 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips to get Him to help around the House

  1. #6 don’t marry a lazy piece of shit. There are many guys out there that actually do their share of the work and plenty that do all of it

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