5 Must Do’s to beat the Heat this Summer

Did someone say SUMMER OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES? WOOHOO!! Count me in! Summer is halfway through and there is nothing more our kids love than spending the day playing outside. So if a lavish vacation is not on your list this summer break, don’t worry. Here are five must do’s to beat the heat this summer. The best part is you’ll stay cool while making FUN memories with the kids and not break the bank.

Child in swimming pool

IMAGE BY Alena Ozerova

Inflatable Pool

These are usually on sale right before summer starts. We bought ours in May of 2014 for a reasonable price and it still works great. I think this was a great investment, the kids can keep cool playing without having to spend a fortune at water parks. These come in all different sizes and shapes to accommodate our space. You’d be surprise the amount of fun the kids have in these inflatable pools.


little guys using water guns to spray their father


Water Guns/Spray Bottle

Everyone knows boys tend to like this one best, but depending on the your children’s age both girls and boys can have a blast squirting water all over. Nothing beats watching your kids enjoy themselves so much over a little water. If you don’t have water guns you can use any empty bottle spray (Febreze, Windex or Lysol bottles will work assuring you cleanse thoroughly) fill it up with water and let sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes. It’s similar and saves you a little $ while still having fun.


Water balloons

IMAGE BY art9858

Water Balloons

My personal favorite and all time classic, the water balloon fight! Now they have the Bunch0Balloons which are all filled up at once. That’s great and it does save time to get to the fun part. These cost about $10 for 100 balloons (I’ve heard good and bad feedback from people who have bought these, so it’s totally up to you). BUT if you are old fashion and part of the fun involves filling up balloons then you can buy a few packs of regular small water balloons and enjoy a harmless balloon fight.


 boy playing in sprinkler

IMAGE BY bst2012

Kids Water Sprinklers

These can be a lot of fun and you can buy them or make your own using plastic bottles. You will find all kinds of sprinklers for all ages ranging anywhere from $5 – $65 dollars. You may have to consider a decent yard space for this one. The area gets pretty wet so you might not want to use this near furniture or anything you don’t wish to get wet.


IMAGE BY natashaphoto

Homemade Popsicle

What fun will all these activities be without the cherry on top, in this case, delicious homemade popsicles for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to be an expert at making these as they are super easy to do. Start with your kids favorite fruits, you could mix a variety of fruits or decide on one favorite flavor (If you don’t have fruits available you could use Koolaid or any fruit juice you have handy) Use a blender to blend it along with water & sugar to your liking. Pour it into a few popsicle trays (I prefer the trays with sticks, but its your choice) pop it in the freezer and a few hours later– ENJOY!

That is all for now mommies! I hope you all have an awesome time before the kids go back to school, if they haven’t already that is. Remember it’s the fun family memories that count and will stay with them forever.

Feel free to share a picture of how your family is staying cool this summer.


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