5 Essentials for New Moms

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So you learned you are going to be a mommy for the first time! Congrats! Your days are now spent thinking about baby clothes, will it be a boy or girl? Should I still be having 3 cups of coffee a day? What if she looks nothing like me? Relax, it’s normal to ask a million questions when you haven’t experienced growing a little one inside or better yet raising one.

The best part is in the world we live today, there is s0O0O0o many things out there made to help making motherhood less of a hassle and less frustrating.

I mean the least you want to do is worry about unnecessary things when baby arrives.

So today I have decided to give all you newly moms, or soon to be moms –a hand. (Yey!)

I don’t want to brag like I know it all, (because I DON’T), but with two kids, I know a few things have made motherhood WAYYYY easier and I’m glad I came across these items. So grab pen and paper and jot these down. (Or feel free to add to your baby registry if you are having a baby shower)


#1- Video Baby Monitor

When I had my first baby, I thought, Oh I don’t really need a monitor (my house is small, I’ll hear if the baby cries) BUT, I was wrong. I went in for one when he was a month old. It’s such a piece of mind knowing you can make a meal in the kitchen, without the back and forth, worrying if baby is okay. I still use the same monitor for my 10 month old. If the video is not your thing, they have the audio only, more inexpensive and works just as great. It’s money that you will not regret spending!

#2- Dr Brown’s Bottles

When Matt (my first born) was about 2  weeks old, he started crying hysterically. As a new mom, i didn’t know what it was, so i did what i read about in books. changed his pamper, tried to feed him, rock him, lay him side ways. NOTHING worked! I started to tear and just said, what is it!!!? My cousin told me, get out your DR Brown’s bottles instead of the Avent ones I was using. She said you will notice right away. And it worked like magic! Poor Matthew had colic’s. These bottles are amazing! Never again I experienced that frustration. Trust me, you will thank me later.

#3-Bottle Sterilizer

These are a bit pricey, but worth it. For all the mommies that don’t have time to put a pot to boil and forget it on (to find it burning, stuck to the bottom of the pot, happened to me a few times) This will keep your sanity and while it holds 6 bottles at a time, you will be glad you got it. Totally HASSLE FREE!

#4- Thermometer

This is a must whether you are a first time or fifth time parent. In the middle of the night, when your baby gets fuzzy and doesn’t want to drink milk you automatically think, could he be getting sick. A prolonged fever on a newborn is very dangerous and this can help keep your peace of mind.

#5- Baby Bullet

Although you may not use this for the first few months, this will make meal-making super easy for you. My cousin got it for my godson and she couldn’t stop telling me how awesome it is. I got it for my second baby and I’m so glad I did. The possibilities are endless. You can use it for s0o0o0o many different meals and the best part is– you can make the meal for the entire week or month if you want. It comes with freezing containers. Forget spending money on baby food! That’s expensive! Buy fresh fruits and veggies and make your own! I recommend this to ALL mommies!

Of course you need many more things for when baby arrives, I just wanted to share my top 5 essentials! I hope it was helpful and remember being a mommy is hard work but it’s also a blessing.

If you had your baby already, Congrats and Welcome to motherhood! If you are not due yet, best of luck! Hope you have a safe & speedy recovery.

Thanks for passing by. Till next time ladies!


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